Tom Webb’s World Of Radio

A new updated version of this blog is included here as well as the original.

There will be some interesting profiles of some of the well known personalities both in free and legal radio coming soon

We will be talking to about what the future holds.

Concept Radio Main Page

Bringing you the a mix of the unique sound of the original Concept Radio together with some new programmes as well. Featured also will be some of the best of free radio on Merseyside

You can now listen here too!

The Links Page

This page provides information and links to many interesting websites to do with radio.

These also include both the Pirate and legal Stations.

The Concept Audio Archive

Here you can listen in MP3 format to audio extracts taken from the original tapes of some of the many Pirate that used to operate in the Merseyside area.

These include some of their jingles and famous presenters too.

The Phill Davies Tribute Page

Phill sadly passed away in 2013.

One of the great characters of Pirate Radio.He appeared on many stations back in the 1980’s

The New Conceptworld Google Email Group

You can join the new Conceptworld Email Group to find out whats going on in Free Radio etc by clicking HERE. I will add your email address subject to approval