WELCOME TO THE CONCEPT AUDIO ARCHIVE Dave Moore of Radio Commodore fame as a guest presenter on Concept. This was recorded in 1987. This is the famous flushing toilet jingle off Concept Radio. It was usually played over bad records Alan C and Dave Moore again this time doing some impersonations of people in pirate radio. Burt William’s is the man that’s most impersonated in pirate radio. Its a request for fruity boy. This was often heard in the late eighties on that famous medium wave pirate station Radio Merseywaves. Here are Dave and Alan giving there opinions about what they think about two alleged traitors to pirate radio Here we have a clip from back in 1998 of the man well known for  his mixed bag.This late night slot was known as the graveyard shift. This was based on the song The Crown by Gary Byrd. It was also known as the famous Concept Rap. Tom Webb back in September 1985 making the first official Broadcast of  Concept Radio on 104.3 mhz fm. Jim Lowe used to play a lot of alternative music during his earlier shows one of  the bands he regularly played was The Fall. SOUND CLIPS AND JINGLES FROM FREE RADIO

Concept Radio Jingle

Keith On Concept

Alan C and Dave Moore


Radio Merseywaves Jingle

Zee 100

The Tom Webb Show 1977

Burt Williams On Tower FM

Alan C And Dave Moore


The Flushing Toilet

Dave Moore On Concept Radio

Concept’s First Official


Jim Lowe From 1986